A TIKIPUNK Fantasy Adventure. The Song of Sina is set two hundred years after Tau O Atua War of the Gods, on the Island Planet Hawaiki, a paradise turned battle-ground. Gods have been hunted down to extinction by the Aitu Demon Lord Puna. However Sina and Tikitiki are the last of the Atua Tamaiti God-children eluding Puna’s capture. Armed with the God Tattoos Atua-Tatau, Sina escapes being a blood sacrifice and vows revenge on Puna. Meanwhile Tikitiki, a Mana-Toa Warrior Seer, escapes his prison and sets off on his own quest to find his clan. As Sina and Tikitiki learn more about their powers, fighting off challengers and recruiting warriors they learn that they are siblings born of the Gods. With their ancient powers and the surviving God Clans Itu’aiga Atua of a United Hawaiki, they make their last stand against Lord Puna. The Song of Sina will give the new TIKIPUNK flavour to the themes of Taulaga Sacrifice, Utu Revenge and Aiga Family.